tarte tarteist lip paint | namaste & tbt

Tarteist Lip Paints - Namaste & TBT


Because I apparently need to try every liquid lipstick in existence, I picked up tarte‘s new tarteist lip paints in the shades namaste and tbt ($20.00 USD/$24.00 CAD, available here). They’re described by tarte as a “full coverage, longwearing liquid lipstick with a creamy, hydrating texture and a non-drying, matte finish.”


Tarte Tarteist Lip Paints - Namaste & TBT

tarte tarteist lip paints – namaste, tbt


Tarte Tarteist Lip Paints - Namaste & TBT

tarte tarteist lip paints – namaste, tbt


Tarte Tarteist Lip Paints - Namaste & TBT

tarte tarteist lip paints – namaste, tbt


  • namaste – described as “nude”, it’s a light, peachy-pink shade.
  • tbt – described as “mauve”. It’s a medium rosy brown with a touch of plum.


Tarte Tarteist Lip Paints - Namaste

tarte tarteist lip paint – namaste


Tarte Tarteist Lip Paints - TBT

tarte tarteist lip paint – tbt


Why You Might Like These:

  • The formula is vegan-friendly, and they don’t contain parabens or phthalates.
  • They’re very comfortable on the lips (among the most comfortable liquid lipstick formulas I’ve tried)! The formula is light and mousse-like, very similar to OFRA‘s liquid lipsticks.
  • They’re very pigmented and apply smoothly. The colour goes on evenly without any patchiness whatsoever.
  • They have a nice minty scent, but it’s not too overwhelming.
  • They last a very long time so you won’t need to touch up often. If you do need to add more, however, these layer quite well without flaking or crumbling, so you won’t need to completely remove it and reapply.
  • There are a decent number of shades in the line if these particular colours aren’t your thing.

Why You Might Not Like These:

  • If you prefer a shiny lipstick, you probably won’t like these unless you add gloss on top, which could compromise the wear time.
  • While these do dry down somewhat, they don’t dry completely, so there is still some transfer/movement of the colour if you rub your lips.
  • Because these don’t dry down quite as much as typical liquid lipsticks, they don’t wear quite as long. They do still last for an impressive amount of time, though, and hold up well to eating/drinking (depending on the kind of food, of course).
  • If you have darker skin, namaste might start to pull ashy. No worries, though, since there are lots of other great colours to choose from!


It seems like liquid lipsticks are always trying to walk that fine line between comfort and long wear, as there’s a little bit of a tradeoff between the two. I’ve come to the conclusion that — for day-to-day — I prefer a liquid lipstick to be comfortable, and I’m ok dealing with a slight amount of transfer in exchange for that. That’s why the tarte tarteist lip paint formula has quickly become one of my favourites (probably tied with OFRA). That’s not to say there aren’t other formulas that I love, however, and on certain occasions I’ll even prefer something a little more tenacious. I feel like I should do a blog post ranking all of the liquid lipstick formulas I’ve tried — what do you think? And what is your personal, all-time favourite liquid lipstick formula? Let me know in the comments!


tarteist™ lip paint

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