Tarte Light of the Party Palette

Tarte Light of the Party Palette

It’s the most wonderful time of the year (for beauty addicts, that is)! Yes… I know. It’s October, and normally, we’re not supposed to be talking about the holidays before we’ve even gotten through Halloween. When it comes to holiday makeup, however, I’ll happily make an exception. The earlier I can get my hands on all of the gorgeous palettes and gift sets, the better!

First on my list is the Tarte Light of the Party Palette ($71.00 CAD/$59.00 USD, available at tarte cosmetics). It comes in a fancy, sequin-covered, zippered “clutch” which is beautiful to look at, but slightly bulky for travel and storage. You might be better off putting this on display in your makeup area rather than trying to fit it into a drawer. That might be a bit of an annoyance, but, hey, at least it’s cute!


Tarte Light Of The Party Palette


When you open it up, you’ll see that one side holds a whopping 24 eyeshadows, while the other side holds 6 more shadows, a bronzer, blush, highlighter, mascara and double-sided eyeshadow brush. Everything in the latter side is (thankfully) removable, which makes it easier to travel light. Not that I’m familiar with travelling light or anything. I’m just saying that it’s possible.


Tarte Light Of The Party Palette


Here’s a closer look at each side:


Tarte Light Of The Party Palette


Tarte Light Of The Party Palette


The 24-eyeshadow side is grouped so that each column of 4 is it’s own little set of colours that play well together. Feel free to mix it up, but this layout is a good guideline if you’re feeling overwhelmed by choices.

Now, we’ll move onto the good stuff – swatches! Let’s start with the 24 eyeshadows:


Tarte Light Of The Party Palette Swatches

Sugar Cookie, Miracle of Light, Under the Mistle-taupe, Sleigh Watch

  • Sugar Cookie – a light cream with a pearly sheen. Would make a great subtle brow highlight.
  • Miracle of Light – a metallic light bronze. Really smooth and pigmented!
  • Under the Mistle-taupe – a taupey brown with fine, multi-coloured flecks of shimmer
  • Sleigh Watch – a deep, cool matte brown


Tarte Light Of The Party Palette Swatches

In a Flurry, Rum Pum Plum, Ring-a-ling, Mulled Wine

  • In a Flurry – an off-white with flecks of shimmer similar to those in Under the Mistle-taupe. This one is a bit on the sheer side.
  • Rum Pum Plum – a satin dusty mauve. Nicely pigmented and a favourite of mine!
  • Ring-a-ling – a shimmery purple-leaning taupe
  • Mulled Wine – a matte eggplant purple


Tarte Light Of The Party Palette Swatches

Fizz the Season, Tartetini, Fireside Chat, Cocoa What Fun

  • Fizz the Season – a pale, metallic neutral gold. It leans slightly warmer in person than it looks in the swatch.
  • Tartetini – a satin dusty rose
  • Fireside Chat – a metallic, warm reddish-brown. This is another one of my faves!
  • Cocoa What Fun – a medium-dark matte brown with red undertones


Tarte Light Of The Party Palette Swatches

It’s Snow Time, Baby It’s Gold Outside, Party Favored, Black Velvet

  • It’s Snow Time – a shimmery, warm off-white. On me, it’s similar to In a Flurry, but it’s a touch warmer and has better pigmentation.
  • Baby It’s Gold Outside – an extremely shimmery, metallic gold that doesn’t lean too yellow. This one is absolutely gorgeous!
  • Party Favored – a medium neutral brown with a subtle satin finish. Although my swatch isn’t doing it justice, the pigmentation on this one is great!
  • Black Velvet – a matte black. Although it looks a little choppy in the swatch, it works great on the eyes, and a matte black is always useful to have in an eyeshadow palette! The name also gets that Alannah Myles song stuck in your head. So… there’s that.


Tarte Light Of The Party Palette Swatches

Eggnog, Peach On Earth, Gingerbread Mansion, Haute Chocolate

  • Eggnog – a pale beige with a satin finish. Very smooth and pigmented!
  • Peach on Earth – a light, peachy brown with a satin finish. I’m not sure if I got a dud, but this shadow was awful at first. I couldn’t pick up any colour. I took a paper towel and wiped off the very top layer and now it works much better.
  • Gingerbread Mansion – a warm, rich, metallic brown
  • Haute Chocolate – a dark, matte, red-toned brown


Tarte Light Of The Party Palette Swatches

What a Wonderful Pearl, Come What Grey, Chrome for the Holidays, Midnight Kiss

  • What a Wonderful Pearl – a very pale matte pink
  • Come What Grey – a slightly warm grey with brown undertones and a satin finish. Great pigmentation and it makes a really nice transition colour if you didn’t want something too warm!
  • Chrome for the Holidays – a metallic pewter. This one is beautiful and is also added to the favourites list!
  • Midnight Kiss – a matte blackened navy


Here are the 6 eyeshadows in the removable palette along with the bronzer, blush and highlighter:


Tarte Light Of The Party Palette Swatches

Popcorn Strand, Wrapped Up, Dancer & Prancer, Shining Star, Yule Be Surprised, Mulberry & Bright

  • Popcorn Strand – a pale, peachy beige with a matte finish
  • Wrapped Up – a pale, cool matte pink
  • Dancer & Prancer – a medium pinky brown with a satin finish
  • Shining Star – a light, rosy metallic copper
  • Yule Be Surprised – a matte chocolate brown
  • Mulberry & Bright – a warm deep plum with a satin finish and extremely fine flecks of shimmer. It reminds me a lot of Sketch eyeshadow by M.A.C.                                            


Tarte Light Of The Party Palette Swatches

Social Butterfly, Amazed, Pink Champagne

  • Social Butterfly – a warm medium brown with a subtle satin finish. Really nice for a bronzer on light to medium skin tones, but too warm for a contour on me. If you’re deeper skinned, this may not work for you.
  • Amazed – A warm pink with a mostly matte finish. Pigmented and applies really well.
  • Pink Champagne – an icy pink highlighter. This just might be my favourite thing about the whole palette! It’s extremely smooth and pigmented and gives you an ethereal pinky glow. It’s not glittery or chunky at all and doesn’t emphasize pores. It also has just enough warmth to it to prevent it from looking ashy on deeper skin tones (although, if you’re very dark, you might want to try this out before you buy). Check it out in action on my cheeks here, along with Amazed blush applied lightly:


Tarte Pink Champagne


Why You Might Like This:

  • For $71.00 CAD ($59 USD), you get $474 CAD of product, so it’s a great deal, money-wise.
  • The packaging is really pretty and I plan on having it out on display!
  • The number of eyeshadows you get is insane, and I’m a neutral eye lover, so the colour scheme works really well for me!
  • Most of the shadows had great pigmentation. Every shadow in the removable palette was spot-on, and there were only a few “meh” ones in the 24-shadow side.
  • There are some good highlight shades as well as a matte black, all of which I find to be convenient in a palette.
  • That. Cheek. Highlight.
  • The double-sided brush that’s included works well.
  • The Lights, Camera, Lashes mascara, while not my #1 favourite, is a really good one.


Why You Might Not Like This:

  • The few shadows that did give me issues (namely In a Flurry, Peach on Earth and Black Velvet). I did find, however, taking off the top layer with a paper towel helped a lot!
  • If you’re into bolder or brighter colours, this probably isn’t the palette for you. Most of the shadows are on the neutral side.
  • The bulky packaging makes the palette hard to store and, if you plan on travelling with it, only part of it is removable. Also, if you’re not a fan of the look of the packaging, you’re kind of stuck with it.
  • If you like to contour, there is only a warm-toned bronzer included. My personal opinion is that it’s too warm for a contour shade, but if it works for you, all the better!


All in all, I think that this is a solid palette and I’m glad I grabbed it. Will any of you be picking this up? What else is on your holiday makeup wishlist? Let me know in the comments!


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