OFRA Long Lasting Liquid Lipsticks | Miami Fever & New York Skyline Collection

OFRA Long Lasting Liquid Lipsticks | Miami Fever & New York Skyline Collection

Silver and gold are pretty popular colours this time of year, but they’re usually worn on the eyes — you don’t often see them in liquid lipstick form. So, when I saw that OFRA Cosmetics had released silver and gold shades of their Long Lasting Liquid Lipsticks in their New York Skyline collection, I had to try them out. I also grabbed a couple more colours for, um, scientific purposes. I ended up ordering Fifth Avenue, Times Square and Manhattan from the collection as well as their limited edition shade Miami Fever, a collaboration with YouTuber KathleenLights ($19.90 USD each, available on their website — hit up Google for discount codes that are always floating around so you don’t pay full price).


OFRA Liquid Lipsticks

Miami Fever, Fifth Avenue, Times Square, Manhattan


OFRA Liquid Lipsticks

Miami Fever, Fifth Avenue, Times Square, Manhattan

  • Miami Fever – matte burnt orange
  • Fifth Avenue – metallic warm gold
  • Times Square – metallic light silver
  • Manhattan – matte pinky plum


OFRA Miami Fever

Miami Fever


OFRA Fifth Avenue

Fifth Avenue


OFRA Times Square

Times Square


OFRA Manhattan



OFRA Times Square and Manhattan Mixed

Times Square and Manhattan Mixed Together


Why You Might Like These:

  • They contain antioxidants and Vitamin E so they’re very comfortable on the lips (they’re among the most comfortable liquid lipstick formulas I’ve tried)!
  • The matte shades are very pigmented. Fifth Avenue and Times Square are a little sheerer but can be built up to be more opaque. The sheerness is beneficial for layering over other lipsticks, though, so they don’t completely cover up the colour underneath.
  • They last a very long time on the lips so you won’t need to touch up often. If you do need to add more, however, these layer quite well without flaking or crumbling, so you won’t need to completely remove it and reapply.
  • Miami Fever, Fifth Avenue and Times Square are such unique colours, especially in a liquid lipstick! Fifth Avenue and Times Square are particularly great to mix with other shades, giving them a metallic effect. Manhattan is slightly more of a “common” colour, although I can’t say I have another exactly like it in liquid lipstick form.
  • There is quite a large shade range in the line if you’re looking for something outside of these particular colours.


Why You Might Not Like These:

  • The price is a little on the higher end for a liquid lipstick, but there are always different discount codes available if you Google them (the one I used was for 40% off, which I believe comes up frequently).
  • If you prefer a shiny lipstick, you probably won’t like these unless you add gloss on top. OFRA makes a Lipgloss Stick for this purpose, but I haven’t yet tried it.
  • While these do dry down somewhat, they don’t dry completely, so there is still some transfer if you touch your lips.
  • If you like your lipsticks to be hydrating, liquid lipsticks aren’t your best bet. While this formula is one of the least drying ones on the market, it doesn’t give your lips a ton of moisture, either, so you might need a balm or gloss as well.
  • While the wear time on these is excellent, this does make them a little harder to remove than traditional lipstick (but they’re easier to remove than many other liquid lipsticks I’ve tried).
  • OFRA is another company that you can only get online,  so you won’t be able to see the shades in person before you buy.


I can see why OFRA’s formula is one of the more raved-about ones online, since it’s so comfortable and dry-lip friendly (thanks, Alberta weather). I can also see me getting a lot of use out of Fifth Avenue and Times Square for layering purposes. What are your thoughts on silver and gold lips? Would you wear them alone, mix them, or pass on em altogether? Do you have any favourite OFRA shades I should know about? Let me know in the comments!




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