OCC Lip Tars | Asphalt World (Winter 2015)

OCC Lip Tars | Asphalt World (Winter 2015)

I noticed on Instagram that OCC (Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics — sounds like my kinda thing, right?) had come out with a new winter collection called Asphalt World. The collection consists of six new, limited-edition Lip Tars ($15.00 USD, available at OCC’s website and also at Beautylish). The colours are very dusty and grungy – so, clearly, I was all over it! Although I was tempted to grab the whole collection, I restrained myself and purchased only Disintegration, Structure and Derelict, since they seemed to be the most unique when compared to the lipsticks I already own. The formula of these is different than a lot of the liquid lipsticks on the market. They’re hydrating and have a slight sheen to them, and they don’t dry down to a completely matte finish (even though OCC’s website refers to them as “matte”). I’m also pretty pumped that OCC decided to switch from their older squeeze-tube packaging to a cylindrical tube with a doe-foot applicator — this makes them so much easier to use and way more travel-friendly! WTG, OCC!


OCC Asphalt World Lip Tars

Disintegration, Structure, Derelict


OCC Asphalt World Lip Tars

Disintegration, Structure, Derelict

  • Disintegration – “mauve taupe with silver shimmer”
  • Structure – “concrete grey beige” (it pulls more of a peach-beige on me, but there is a grey undertone that keeps it looking dusty and muted)
  • Derelict – “patinaed olive gold shimmer”


OCC Lip Tar Disintegration



OCC Lip Tar Structure



OCC Lip Tar Derelict




Why You Might Like These:

  • Vegan, gluten-free, cruelty-free, paraben-free, silicone-free and synthetic preservative-free (*Phew!* I’m amazed there are any ingredients left to put in these!).
  • They’re extremely pigmented — you only need a small amount to get full opacity, although they can be sheered out a bit.
  • They have a soft sheen to them, so they’re a nice alternative to traditional liquid lipsticks. They also contain hemp oil for hydration.
  • They last a very long time on the lips considering they don’t dry down to a completely matte finish.
  • The new packaging makes them extremely easy to apply and much more purse-friendly. I own a few of their older Lip Tars and I definitely prefer the new style!
  • If you like muted, dusty, grungy colours, you should absolutely check these shades out. Derelict is especially unique, I don’t own anything like it!
  • The Lip Tar shade range is a decent size, if you’re looking for something outside of these particular shades. They can also be mixed together to customize colours.


Why You Might Not Like These:

  • If you like your liquid lipsticks to be completely matte with no sheen whatsoever, these might not work for you.
  • Some shades are a little bit thicker than others and can be felt on the lips, though I have’t tried any that have ventured into tacky-feeling territory.
  • Because of the formula, some shades can bleed or feather slightly, so you might want to use a lip liner/primer to prevent that from happening.
  • Though they last for a solid amount of time, they aren’t as long lasting as more traditional liquid lipsticks, so you might have to touch up throughout the day.
  • They contain peppermint oil, which gives them a slight minty smell. This shouldn’t bother most people, but it’s worth noting if you’re sensitive to peppermint.


Are any of you fans of OCC’s Lip Tars? Which shades do you have? Do you prefer the new packaging over the old? Let me know in the comments!



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