NARS X Steven Klein Eyeshadow | Stud

NARS X Steven Klein Eyeshadow | Stud

Don’t you love it when you order something online and it turns out to be even better than you were expecting?  That’s exactly what happened with the NARS X Steven Klein Single Eyeshadow in the shade Stud ($31.00 CAD/$25.00 USD, available at NARS and The Bay). It’s one of those shades that looks “nice” in the pan but becomes absolutely magical when you swatch it.


NARS Steven Klein Eyeshadow - Stud 1


Described by NARS as a “soft pewter bronze”, it’s a taupey-brown with neutral undertones and a frosted, metallic finish. I can’t emphasize enough how gorgeous the metallic finish is; it’s crazy reflective. It’s also incredibly pigmented and smooth, with no chunks of glitter or grittiness. I will let you know that this is limited edition, so if you’re interested I’d jump on it as soon as possible! It already appears to have sold out on Sephora’s website (where I purchased mine), but you might still be able to find it in-store in addition to the links I provided.


NARS Steven Klein Eyeshadow - Stud 5


I tried to capture swatches in different light to show off the metallic finish:


NARS Steven Klein Eyeshadow - Stud 3


NARS Steven Klein Eyeshadow - Stud 4


Why You Might Like This:

  • It’s buttery and pigmented, so it applies like a dream.
  • The metallic finish is stunning. It would be great in holiday looks or for a night out.
  • If you’re a neutral lover, this shadow adds a little extra “pop” to a look without taking you out of your comfort zone, colour-wise.
  • Because it doesn’t pull too warm or cool, it will look great on many different skin tones. It will also work with a ton of other eyeshadow colours.


Why You Might Not Like This:

  • Although the quality is excellent, the price point is on the higher end for a single eyeshadow.
  • If you prefer matte eyeshadows, you should probably stay far away from this.
  • If you’re worried about emphasizing lines on your eyelids, you might want to proceed with caution. This absolutely doesn’t mean you can’t wear it; you would just want to be more careful with placement (such as confining it to the middle of the lid only).


In all honesty, pictures don’t even do this shadow justice. If you do get the chance to check this out in person, I highly suggest swatching it and you’ll see why I fell in love! If you can’t check it out in person but you’re a fan of neutrals and/or metallic shadows, I think this would be a great one to add to your collection. Are you tempted to pick this up? Have any of you purchased anything else from the NARS X Steven Klein collection? Let me know in the comments!



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