Morphe 35O Nature Glow Eyeshadow Palette

Morphe 35O Nature Glow Eyeshadow Palette

If you follow the makeup community on YouTube or Instagram, you’ve probably heard of Morphe. I first noticed the company’s name pop up in some YouTube videos a while back and, at the time, they were best known for their brushes. Eventually, as more and more people kept talking about them, I heard about their eyeshadow palettes as well. A few months ago, they came out with their 35O Nature Glow Eyeshadow Palette ($22.99 USD, available at Morphe) — a warm neutral palette containing 35 eyeshadows. It was praised all over YouTube and Instagram and became wildly popular; thus, it sold out pretty quickly. When they did a restock (it’s a permanent product), I decided to pick it up to see what all the fuss was about.


Morphe 35O Palette 1



Morphe 35O Palette 2


Let’s get into the swatches:


Morphe 35O Palette Swatches - 1st Row

1st Row

I like that the first shadow is a light, matte cream. I use these all the time for setting my eye primer, blending down crease colours that have gone up to high or to highlight my brow when I don’t want something shiny. And the second-last shadow reminds me of M.A.C.’s discontinued Pro Longwear Eyeshadow in Uninterrupted! It’s one of my favourite colours, so I was so happy when I swatched this one!


Morphe 35O Palette Swatches - 2nd Row

2nd Row

The second shadow is really cool! It’s a light yellow but it has a very strong pink reflect, so the colour shifts in different lighting. The orangey shades make great transition shadows.


Morphe 35O Palette Swatches - 3rd Row

3rd Row

The second-last shadow is CRAZY metallic! It would make a beautiful lid colour or intense inner corner highlight! And the red to the right of it is stunning!


Morphe 35O Palette Swatches - 4th Row

4th Row

The second shadow leans almost olive green in certain lighting. It’s very pretty. And the three shadows on the end would really enhance blue or green eyes.


Morphe 35O Palette Swatches - 5th Row

5th Row

Those two colours on the end are extremely metallic and gorgeous! Great for a fall eye look.



Why You Might Like This:

  • For $22.99, you get 35 eyeshadows, which is great bang for your buck. There are also always 10% off coupons floating around, so try Googling one before buying to make it even cheaper!
  • If you like warm tones, the shadows are all beautiful. They’ll look stunning on any eye colour.
  • The shadows are all extremely smooth and pigmented.
  • It has a pretty solid mix of matte, satin and shimmery finishes to create a variety of looks.
  • There are lighter matte shades to use for a brow highlight (or to set your eye primer if you’re light-to-medium skinned. Darker skin tones can use the darker matte shades for this purpose).


Why You Might Not Like This:

  • If you’re not into warm tones, you should probably stay far away from this palette.
  • The same thing applies if you don’t like any shimmer or sheen to your eyeshadows.
  • Because the shadows are so smooth (almost creamy), they might not work well by themselves on oilier eyelids. If you have a good eyeshadow primer, though, you should be fine.
  • It doesn’t have a matte black shadow. Not a big deal to most people, but if this is your first/only palette or you want an all-in-one for travel, you’ll have to look to other eyeshadows if you want a matte black.
  • Although it’s very thin, the palette is a little on the large side because of the number of eyeshadows it houses. This may or may not be an issue in terms of storage and travel.
  • This palette is almost always out of stock. You’ll need to keep checking the website and/or Morphe’s social media and scoop it up right away if you want to get your hands on it.


I’m always a bit skeptical of companies who do most of their advertising through social media. I’ve come across some really great brands that way, but also some that didn’t quite live up to the hype. I’m happy to say, however, that this palette exceeded my expectations. I can see why this continues to fly off the shelves! Do any of you have this or plan on picking it up? Have you tried any of Morphe’s other palettes? Let me know in the comments!




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